New Solutions for Life, Inc. is a sober living located in the City of Long Beach
California in Los Angeles County. Our main office address is:
946 Maine Avenue
Long Beach, California 90813
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We have over ten years of experience in helping people to turn their lives around and live clean and sober. If you, your loved one, your employee or someone you know needs an alcohol and drug free environment, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 562.436.5090. At $18.35 per day, we are the most reasonably priced facility in the southern Los Angeles County area. 

Our principles and rules are based on the 12-step program and geared toward success in handling addiction, as well as succeeding in life. Our staff is committed, through PEER GROUP LEADERSHIP, in assisting our resident’s with all the issues they may face as they strive to attain and maintain lifelong sobriety.

Our staff is unique in that we:

The percentages of maintaining a sober lifestyle upon completion of a live-in residential treatment program, followed by residing at a sober living environment for one year, such as New Solutions for Life, Inc, are 60%. Those that choose to go back to their old surroundings without sober living have less than a 4% chance at staying sober. The difference is amazing! 

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