Help Us Help Others:

When we get individuals coming to us looking for help, looking for a safe and sober environment to live in,  that’s what were here for.

We get individuals who come to us looking for such services, but sometimes we have to turn them away we are not Government Funded, State Funded or receive any types of Grants.

We’ve been in business since 1991, we are Self Sufficient and Serve 3 Meals A Day. Those who come in and have no type of income we normally have to turn them away. We wish we didn’t have to turn them away but we have no choice, with the cost of Food, Utilities and Rent going up we are not able to take in those individuals in without some type of down payment to put toward their rent.

With Your Donations we don’t have to turn those individuals away, we can take in those individuals and give them the help they need and help them to become Self Sufficient and integrate back into society.

Thank You For Any Help You Can Give


James .D. Blackard

Executive Director



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